Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All About Shampoo: Clarifying v. Moisturizing


There are tons of shampoo’s out there on the market. Some claim that they can be used daily, others claim to be moisturizing, and still others claim to be clarifying. But what exactly is the difference between these classifications of shampoos? And how do they fit into a hair regimen? After asking myself these same questions, I did some research, and here are the conclusions that I came to.

Moisturizing/Daily Use Shampoo

Most shampoos that you pick up at your local drugstore or BSS are moisturizing/daily use shampoos. Shampoos within this category have the ability to clean the hair “gently” without drying it out. Since the ingredients aren’t nearly as harsh as clarifying shampoos, you should be able to use these shampoos frequently without running into too many problems. While these shampoos are good for removing dirt and excess oil, it is possible that they don’t completely remove all product residue from your hair and scalp. Depending on the amount and kind of styling products that you use, you could go weeks before product build up becomes an issue. A stronger shampoo is needed to rid the hair of product residue.

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a more potent shampoo that is designed to deep clean your hair and scalp. This type of shampoo has the ability to remove all product residues from your hair and scalp. If this product residue is left un-removed from your hair, it will cause your hair to lose its sheen, become limp, and hard to style. This residue can also build up on the scalp both preventing the hair follicle from “breathing” which slows hair growth and causing scalp issues such as dandruff. Although clarifying shampoo is
Shampoos categorized as moisturizing or daily use are shampoos that have the ability to clean the hair and scalp, but aren’t as potent as clarifying shampoos. These shampoos usually contain things that your strands can handle on a daily or weekly basis without being overly drying to the hair.

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